How To Get Rich And Become A Millionaire The Right Way

Second, Jesus tells us that where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also. Unless we are vigilant in giving away our wealth before it accumulates, we will learn to accumulate, not to give. We might learn to love having wealth before we learn to love giving it away. Rochat took a second job as the secretary for a center-right political party in the Swiss county where he lived to support himself.

Become Rich

Everybody thinks that if they sold their business for 10, 50, 100 million dollars or more, they’ll never work in their lives again. The image of the retired person drinking mojitos on the beach is an illusion. This is the time where you officially let go and cash in. This is pretty much the path every person who’s made a lot money has followed. There’s always a bigger fish in the market and because you’ve been performing so well you probably caught their attention.

At this late stage, you have the business that’s going phenomenally well, you have several investments that are doing ok and found a new group of friends. Rich and successful people tend to stick together. Why, because it’s a lot harder to relate to your long forgotten cousin than with someone who’s been through more or less the same journey as you to get to where you are today. Connect with these people, be honest about your intentions and they will gladly help you. Statistically speaking, there is at least one person who’s done something similar to what you’re doing now and came out victorious.

Within two years he’d recovered enough to manage the investment full time. New businesses in China churned out solar equipment far faster than developers could build projects. Dozens of once-prominent companies either laid off employees or went out of business. Active Solar lost about half its investors’ money in that first year. After twice losing most of his investors’ money, things finally went according to Pascal Rochat’s singular plan.

There might be a handful of people like this in your country and for sure there are hundreds of them internationally. The road to riches doesn’t come with a total GPS, but the next best thing is having someone who’s been on this road before guide your step. That’s why mentors are such an incredible resource to have in your arsenal.

His fund, Active Solar, posted a 183% return in 2020 to make him the best-performing stock-picker in Europe. To reach these heights, the Swiss money manager changed nothing about his approach. He simply bet everything he had on solar power. This type of content is incredibly valuable and we wish we had this type of guidance when we were starting out. If our free content is this good, imagine the value in what we’re offering next Sunday when we’re going live with our meditation course.